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Meet Emjey Burlock and Ben Burlock—passionate tattoo artists with a shared love for nature and vibrant expression.
Ben, with 14 years of tattooing expertise, immerses himself in illustrative color tattoos, drawing inspiration from nature and its enchanting myths. He’s your guide to turning imagination into ink.
Emjey brings botanical magic to life, specializing in colorful nature-themed tattoos. Whether it’s plants, flowers, or crystals, her creations are a testament to the wonders of the natural world.
At Fin and Fern, we blend the beauty of the outdoors with the artistry of tattoos. Thanks for joining us on this creative adventure!

Advanced Equipment

Utilization of cutting-edge tools and technology for precise and efficient tattooing.

Innovative Designs

Emphasis on contemporary and new design approaches to stay current and unique.

Customization Options

Providing personalized tattoo options to meet individual client preferences.

Hygiene Standards

Strict adherence to high levels of cleanliness and safety for client well-being.

Hi, I'm Ben Burlock

I’ve been a tattoo artist for 14 years and also an outdoorsman for more than double that, somehow I am lucky enough to have my love for nature merge with my passion for creating art and tattooing.
Born in BC, but have quickly put down roots with my family here in beautiful Canmore, Alberta, where I work out of my private studio Fin and Fern Tattoo. I focus on illustrative and dynamic color tattooing, With subject matter that ranges from anything in nature, to the myths and legends that surround it. With that said, i’m always open to hear your ideas and see where our minds take us.
For current work and to see what i’m always up to, you can find me on instagram @benburlock
Thank you for the trust.

Ben Burlock's Porfolio

Hi, I'm Emjey Burlock!

I’m an independent artist working part-time, soon to be full-time at Fin & Fern Tattoo studio, located in Canmore, Alberta.

I specialize in color, botanical style tattoos. What I love tattooing the most is any nature themed subjects such as plants, flowers, mushrooms, bugs, fruits/veggies, crystals and magical things!
Wandering in nature is where I feel the most at peace and find my inspiration for tattooing. I’m passionate about plants, mushrooms and I love continuing my education about foraging. During my free time, you can find me snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and camping.
You can find me on Instagram @emjey.tattoos for the most up-to-date work.
Thanks for your support.

After Care

Effective tattoo aftercare is vital to ensure proper healing and preserve the vibrancy of your new ink. Begin by gently cleansing the tattooed area with mild, fragrance-free soap, patting it dry, and applying a thin layer of the recommended ointment to prevent excessive dryness or scabbing.
While it heals, resist the urge to pick at any forming scabs, as this can compromise the integrity of the tattoo. Shield your tattoo from direct sunlight to prevent fading, and opt for loose, comfortable clothing to minimize friction and irritation. Refrain from swimming until the tattoo is fully healed to reduce the risk of infection.
Following the specific aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist is essential, as they may tailor recommendations based on the tattoo’s size, location, and intricacy. With diligent care, your tattoo will heal beautifully, becoming a lasting and vibrant piece of art.

Hear from our clients

Jeffrey HewittJeffrey Hewitt
02:26 26 Jan 24
Ben and Emjey Burlock put their heart and soul into their work and it shows! I’ve been getting a sleeve done by Ben and he’s killing it. Highly recommend!One stop shop in the bow valley.
Kate SKate S
03:05 25 Jan 24
I’ve gotten tattooed by Emjey (most of the pieces on one arm, chest) and Ben (back). Both of them are super sweet and super chill, and have great vibes. Emjey’s amazing at creative custom gap fillers that fit the space perfectly and making flash fit well in between other pieces. She does amazing things with colour, and it’s been super cool to see how her art has progressed in the couple of years she’s tattooed me. Ben ran with a back piece idea and made an amazing crow/magpie fight piece with vibrant colours and detail. I’m stoked to see them working together, and “Fin and Fern” is such a cute and fitting name for the kinds of art that the two of them do!
Jessica HochinsJessica Hochins
22:21 24 Jan 24
Emjey has done two of my tattoos and I absolutely love them! She is very professional, pays attention to detail and uses vibrant colours.. I highly recommend! Can’t wait to get more tattoos from her!
Tyson PodruznyTyson Podruzny
05:59 24 Jan 24
Amazing art, Cozy studio, and some of the best humans around! Really looking forward to the next tattoo projects we start together. Ben and Emjey, I'll be laid up on your tables soon enough 🙂
isabelle lamoureuxisabelle lamoureux
22:27 23 Jan 24
The best studio around the area, amazing owners / tattoo artists. They care about customer service and are great at communicating with their guests to make their vision turned to life. Highly recommend!!
Haley WambackHaley Wamback
05:04 21 Jan 24
I’ve gotten a few tattoos from Emjey over the past couple of years and I would definitely highly recommend her to anyone for some great artwork!! She’s super friendly & patient, and her work is very colourful and unique! I am so happy with the tattoos she’s done on me, and have loved watching her skills grow and develop over the years!
Leesa ManchenLeesa Manchen
04:36 21 Jan 24
I’ve been tattooed by Emjey a few times now and it’s been a great experience each time! She’s so talented and lovely to hang out with while getting tattooed. Her space is cozy and makes you feel very comfortable!
Ashley NixonAshley Nixon
23:21 20 Jan 24
I’ve had two tattoos from Emjey and both experiences were amazing. She drew custom art based on my request and placed them beautifully to fit the space. Both tattoos took around 6 hours each and she was lovely to chat with and helped to pass the time. Highly recommend
Tyler ReaTyler Rea
04:49 20 Jan 24
I can't say enough good things about Ben! This man has rediclious talent. I trusted him with a massive cover up and I can't be more happy with it. Go see Ben for a cover up or a brand new piece you will not be disappointed.
Rylan HollingworthRylan Hollingworth
01:37 19 Jan 24
Highly recommend Ben’s work. Super clean space and he is very talented. Does amazing colours and creates some pretty wicked scenes. Definitely consider checking him out!

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